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Our services start and end with you and your customers top of mind.

Our Toolbox

We’re experts in Ruby and IOS, but we’ll do the research to make sure we pick the right tool for the job at hand.

Ruby gem

Ruby on Rails

We are experts in Ruby on Rails. It enables us to rapidly build web applications on top of it and lower costs. Ruby on Rails isn’t our only solution but it’s a powerful one. We are happy to say that we are a contributor to the Rails community.

Ios android

IOS & Android

We create attractive and meaningful iPhone and Android apps. Our deep experience and wide skill set enables us to find solutions that work. Whether you are looking to engage in new ways with your users or streamline your processes, we can help you find the best App for your needs.


Responsive Websites

We specialize in building apps of all shapes and sizes from smartphones to tablets to laptops. Because we understand that each device has its own unique affordances and constraints we are able to architecture flexible and dynamic websites that are attractive and functional.

Ios android


Every good app needs a thoughtful and attention-getting brand it deserves. Whether you are looking to develop a new one or looking to refresh an existing one, we’ll work with you on a solution.

Any Means Necessary

We don't have layers of management or sales teams. We work directly with our clients through each stage of the project. Our clients enjoy daily communication, clear expectations.

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Ruby, Python, C#, ASP.Net, Java

Some of the programming languages we speak

Haml, Sass, Less, Knockout.js

Frameworks we use to improve interactions

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Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, PhoneGap

Frameworks we use to speed up development

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Database we play with on a daily basis.

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RSpec, Cucumber, Jasmine

Used for automated deployment and testing


Hosting and maintenance with the strictest compliance.

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We partner with clients to create success in the following four core areas: Big Data; Health; Learning; Science.

Big Data

Big data helps us answer our big questions. Our algorithms and linguistic analysts help us uncover more than we ever thought possible.


Revolutionizing how we do healthcare through big data and powerful new tools. Our wearable devices and apps are changing how healthcare is done.


Empowering learners through apps that are supported by learning sciences. We build learning solutions that matter and that are used by learners all around the world.


Building tools that change how science is done. Our tools impact plant, animal and chemistry on a daily basis- in the lab, out on in the fields, in the classroom, locally and globally.

Social Media

The social media landscape is constantly shifting. We not only keep up with the changes but we are ahead of the curve with technologies that connect people, places, and ideas.


We help you discover all the amazing things and people around you. Through meaningful communities we can help people develop deeper connections with your brand.

The Magic is in the Method

Using an agile approach, we start with your idea and write user stories. We then prioritize stories
into sprints, write working code, test, repeat, and launch an end product made for people.

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